My Roots

IMG_20140503_184116244I’ve created True Root Yoga as a home base where my yoga, literary and everyday selves might coalesce. Even if you don’t care about yoga, there is something for you here. The Sanskrit word “yoga” has numerous translations, but all point back to one concept – unity – a desire we can all relate with, actually, whether you’re a prolific practitioner of pincha mayurasana, or have zero interest in ever setting foot on a yoga mat. So, these selves I speak of? They’re all one, really. Yoked and bound.

Through the practices of writing and yoga alike, we become unavoidably acquainted with the power of story. Whether you’re crafting a work of fiction or watching the crazy monologue that spins in your head — you know, that one you perceive as your truth — it’s important to remember that both are stories. I’ve relied on writing as my own therapy since I was old enough to put pen to paper, studied the craft in school, and for several years led writing workshops where each week, I would sit at a table with folks experiencing homelessness, or other very real life challenges or stigma, and write. About anything we wanted. And can I just tell you? These people had amazing stories. We are rooted in story. Everyone has one.

I view yoga as a framework that can help us connect with that story appropriately. With the energy that those narratives bring. Without over identifying. Without getting lost in them. I have lived this and feel privileged to be able to share it with others.

And that everyday self? That will emerge in the form of often-disjointed ramblings. Because even the mundane is a story. Our sources of entertainment are all about getting lost in a story, too.

See? It all weaves together.

Process over perfection. We are always becoming.
What are you becoming? Come with me.