In Each Moment, a New Teacher

Life always gives usThis past week, I’ve been sharing this quote from Zen teacher, Charlotte Joko Beck in my classes. (She said many things of import in her long life.)

When conflict, opposition, or stress arises, who do you become?

I fully subscribe to the theory that things don’t just happen to us. The inconveniences and hardships of life unravel as they do to teach us something. Maybe we each have a destiny, or maybe it all truly unfolds with no map. But however this revelation works, to not learn at every turn would be a missed opportunity for growth.

If the things that have happened in our lives hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t be at the exact point we are at now. In realizing this, perhaps we can find a greater appreciation for the path we’re on.

We’re the creators.

As you move through the coming days, notice what calms you. What annoys you. Which moments bring out automatic reactions. Which welcome more spaciousness of thought. Openly invite that which you want more of. Write a letter (figuratively or literally) to the universe.



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